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I'm G. Leeson, and I'm really excited to introduce my new series to you. Think Quantum Leap meets classic literature, and then throw in an amateur detective!


Thank you so much for dropping by. Please take a minute to look around.

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The Legend of Creepy Hollow: A Literatia Short Story

In a world where literary realms collide with reality, Cooper Wellingham embarks on a perilous journey from his tranquil North Carolina home into the enigmatic realm of Literatia. But his quest quickly takes a nightmarish turn as he comes face-to-face with the menacing specter of the Headless Horseman.

Cooper's mission? To unravel the chilling murder of Brom Bones, a pivotal character in Washington Irving's timeless tale, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." However, Literatia is a far cry from his home in North Carolina. The villainous silverfish, mysterious creatures capable of distorting reality itself, have wreaked havoc upon Irving's original story. The once-prominent characters have faded into the shadows, while unknown figures have seized control of the narrative.

As Cooper delves deeper into the twisted tapestry of Literatia, he must solve Brom's murder to restore "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to its pristine and untarnished state. But the stakes are higher than he could ever imagine. For in this literary labyrinth, losing oneself can be as dire as losing one's life. Cooper's journey is a race against time, a battle against malevolent forces, and a quest to save both a timeless tale and his very existence.

Will Cooper Wellingham conquer the darkness lurking within Literatia and emerge as the savior of a literary masterpiece, or will he too become a forgotten footnote in the annals of literary history? The answer lies shrouded in the mists of Sleepy Hollow, awaiting a hero bold enough to rewrite destiny.


Stories in books always stay the same ... or do they?

When Cooper Wellingham reads his favorite book and encounters a creature he’s never seen on the pages before, he knows something is seriously wrong. Slamming his hand onto the book creates a magical portal that puts him inside the story.

Cooper finds himself caught up in a wild, magical adventure and battling sinister creatures who are intent on destroying classic literature. But Cooper's story is only the beginning of a Literatia war that spans generations.

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An Eyre of Mystery

Classic literature is at risk of disappearing from the world…

When Gia accepts a job as a library archivist at a manor house in North Carolina, she has no idea what she’s in for. On day one, she finds herself outside her comfort zone when she accidentally travels through a magical portal to the world of Jane Eyre. She finds Edward Rochester imprisoned as he awaits his death sentence for killing his wife. But Gia has read the book, and she knows Edward is innocent of murder.

Soon, she realizes that there are sinister mystical forces working to rewrite the narrative, hoping to destroy the manuscript altogether. To restore order and reset the book to its original state, Gia must discover who actually killed Bertha Rochester and framed her husband for the crime.

She quickly learns that no one is who she expects them to be…including Edward.

A Tale of Two Enemies

Have you ever wished you could be in two places at once?

Gia’s second trip into the fantasy portal of Literatia involves the murder of Dr. Manette, a key character from the classic book, A TALE OF TWO CITIES, by Charles Dickens. Gia’s goal is to untangle the knotted plot of the original novel and get herself and her partner, Matthew, back home. But her mission becomes even more complicated and critical when her mentor Cooper falls ill back in the real world.

Will old friends be able to provide the help Gia so desperately needs? Or will the villainous silverfish succeed in ruining this literary classic and furthering their evil plan?
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What Readers Are Saying:

"What a clever approach to solving a mystery! Walking through a portal and becoming part of the story! I love it!" - E. Pennington, Top 500 Reviewer

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