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Terminated: He Won't Be Back

Dina Merrill wants a fresh start, but a killer has other ideas.

After a stint in set design in New York City, Dina returns to her hometown of Skillet Ridge, Virginia, to open a movie memorabilia museum and shop. Being there working on a movie set made her realize just how much she missed the town and her family.

Dina’s sister, Patty, is going through a nasty divorce while healing from injuries she suffered in a car accident. Despite Patty’s estranged husband, Gregory, causing as much trouble as he can, the sisters are determined to put him in their rearview mirror and start enjoying life again.

But then Dina discovers Gregory’s murdered body in her shop. Who killed Gregory? Did his murderer set out to frame Dina and Patty? Or was the placement body a warning of an even more sinister intention? Suddenly, Dina's life is too much like the movies for her liking--and if she doesn't figure out who murdered Gregory and why, she could be the next victim ...

We'll Always Have Murder

The art of deception takes center stage.

Dina and Patty, two sisters with a shared love for the arts, find themselves entangled in a real-life mystery that mirrors the intrigue of the stage. Dina, the proud owner of a quaint movie memorabilia shop, and Patty, a talented director at the Skillet Ridge Reparatory Theater, are shaken when Imelda, an older actress starring in Patty's latest production of Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park, is brutally murdered.

As the sisters delve deeper into the shocking crime, they discover an enigmatic clue that takes them on a thrilling journey. Dina stumbles upon an early script of the classic movie Casablanca with a heartfelt inscription addressed to Imelda, which reads, "We'll always have Paris. R." This poignant message raises unsettling questions: Was Imelda's death merely a random act of violence, or does it conceal a sinister connection to her mysterious past?

Meanwhile, Kurt, Imelda's dedicated grandson, steps up to assist Dina in unraveling the truth behind his grandmother's untimely demise. Together, they navigate a labyrinth of secrets and hidden motives, diving into Imelda's past to unmask the murderer. Will they discover the truth before the killer strikes again?

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