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I'm Gayle Leeson, and I write the Ghostly Fashionista mystery series, the Down South Cafe mystery series, the Kinsey Falls chick-lit series. With Lorraine Bartlett, I've co-written two books in the Victoria Square series with more to come!


Thank you so much for dropping by. Please take a minute to look around.

Cake and I Scream:
A Down South Cafe Mystery

In the snowy retreat of Beech Mountain, the grand opening of a ski lodge becomes the backdrop for a chilling crime when a cast-iron skillet attack shatters the festivities, drawing Amy, Scott, and Aunt Bess into an icy puzzle.

Join Amy, the owner of the Down South Cafe, her quirky Aunt Bess, and talented cake decorator Scott as they embark on a thrilling culinary adventure. Their journey begins with catering the grand opening of a luxurious ski lodge in the breathtaking Beech Mountain, North Carolina. As if the frosty landscape weren't intriguing enough, Scott has delved deep into the local lore to craft a cake masterpiece, featuring a legend of buried Civil War gold hidden amidst the mountain's secrets.

However, before the grand opening festivities can commence, a shocking discovery in the kitchen's icy depths changes everything. A lifeless body is found, its demise brought about by an unlikely weapon—a cast-iron skillet.

Initially, Amy believes that solving this chilling mystery should be left to the Beech Mountain police, allowing them to return to their peaceful Winter Garden haven. Yet, mysteries have a way of following them home, turning their tranquil lives into a battleground of secrets and danger. Will they be able to unravel the truth, uncover buried secrets, and unmask a killer hiding in the snow-covered shadows?

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Reviews are In

Despite the fact that a man was murdered, I still managed to smile most of the way through the book (especially when Aunt Bess was up to her usual feisty antics). Amy and crew are fabulous as always, and the mystery was very well-plotted and layered.
~Reading Is My SuperPower



Designs on Murder

What if you discovered your lively new friend wasn't really...alive?

Amanda Tucker is excited about opening her fashion design studio in Shops On Main, a charming old building in historic Abingdon, Virginia. She didn't realize a ghost came with the property! But soon Maxine "Max" Englebright, a young woman who died in 1930, isn't the only dead person at the retail complex. Mark Tinsley, a web designer with a know-it-all attitude who also rented space at Shops On Main, is shot in his office.
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Praise for The Calamity Cafe
(Reviews for all books on the book page)

"CALAMITY CAFÉ is a delightful cozy mystery by Gayle Leeson that will leave you wanting more. After reading the first book in this new series, "Down South Café," you'll be drooling over the delicious southern dishes Amy is serving up. And Ms. Leeson includes some of those recipes at the end of the book.  A great summer read . . . can't wait for the next one!" - Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction


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