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Reader Book Review Form for Fiction

Follow these steps to write your review before sharing it online. (You can copy and paste this form into your print it and handwrite your review.)

BOOK TITLE _____________________________________________________

AUTHOR ________________________________________________________

1. How many stars do you give the book? 1 is the lowest score, 5 is the highest. A 5-star
rating doesn’t have to mean the book is perfect – a “5” simply means that you really liked it.

2. Answer a few (or all) of these questions about the novel to help you prepare for
writing your review.

Did you like the book? Why or why not?

What did you like the most about it?

What did you like the least?

Did it remind you of another book? If so, which one and why?

Would readers of a certain book, author, or type of book like this? Which one?

How did you feel about the characters – were they believable? Likable? Relatable?

Was it too short, too long, or just the right length?

Did it leave you wanting more? Did it leave you satisfied?

Do you recommend it? What do you want to say about your recommendation?

3. Use your answers to the questions above as the basis for your review. This isn’t a
book report, so avoid writing a synopsis – that’s already in the book description. Instead,
share your opinions. Write it as if you’re sending an email or text to a friend who likes the
kinds of books you like. Give your friend – and other book lovers – advice about whether
they should read the book. Don’t worry about grammar, etc. Focus on sharing information
that will help someone decide if they should read it. Also, if you received a free copy in
exchange for an honest review, Amazon requires you to state that. (“I received a
complimentary copy for review.”)

To get you started, here are three actual reviews as examples:

1. I've never been a fan of princesses but I bought this for my daughter and will buy for all
of my nieces, too. Anytime we can teach young girls it's okay to be a little different, I'm in!
Thank you for finally making a princess product without a freaking prince! I want my
daughter to be independent and scrappy, so we don't buy "prince saves the day" books. I'm
a fan of anything that encourages girls to be themselves!

2. A really different book, it took me along for the ride, popping me in and out of brilliantly
constructed characters’ heads, embedding me in their lives and secrets, and all the while,
just leaving me on edge, wondering what was going to happen next. A very clever,
superbly entertaining read, it was so not-mainstream that it was an absolute breath of
fresh air. Even the ending left some unfinished business but this was OK as the ending was
satisfying. It was a such a compelling read; the author has such a gift for getting the
reader right to the heart of things ... whether it be involving us with a character's inner
thoughts or outward behaviors... the art of photography was so eloquently described that
it made this reader understand some of the nuances of a subject about which I previously
had zero knowledge or interest. Made more engrossing through its subtleties, it is such clever writing. In its own understated way, this is a very powerful book; one which will linger with me. It is also so very unexpected, which further added to my enjoyment factor.

3. I cannot add more to the excellent reviews previously posted other than to say I read this
book in one sitting not being able to put it down until 4:00 AM! It gripped me emotionally
and I'm still thinking about it the next day. Rarely does even a good book have the depth
and character development than this 
one did. I will be looking for more from this amazing

Write your four- to10-sentence review below.

4. Write a title for your review. If a friend asked you what you thought about the book,
what would you say in just a few words?

Use these three actual review titles as inspiration:

1. A great read about a shameful past practice

2. Read, shudder, think

3. Do not start if you are short on time

What’s your overall opinion in 10 words or less? That is your review title.

You’re done! Now copy and paste your review on the book’s page on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Amazon instructions:

Goodreads instructions:

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